The Bible Questionnaire is a great Bible study tool that is written in simple and straightforward terms. It is easy to read and inspires a thirst for more knowledge about God, his plan and amazing grace for your life.
It is my duty to be a witness for the Lord and help to spread the news about His love and mercy. Some of us don’t even know when we are being blessed. The answer is every minute of every day.
Linton Burke’s story resounds with men, women, and children—business executives, the rich, famous and the poverty stricken. His is a voice of the 21st century, one who dares to stand up boldly to declare a message of hope, truth, and prosperity—compelling the attention of those who seek to discover their purpose in life and launch their destiny.

The Bible Questionnaire is written in simple, straightforward terms. The intent is to acquaint the readers with God’s word and to inspire a thirst for more knowledge about God and his amazing grace. When used properly, the Bible Questionnaire will draw the reader in to the Scriptures.

About Linton Burke

This book was written in a simple and straightforward terms, Linton’s text will inspire a thirst for knowledge about God and his amazing plan for your life. The Bible Questionnaire has become a great study tool that churches, schools and families use to learn God’s word. If you are someone who is intimidated by reading the bible and not sure where to begin this book is a great start. The author’s prayer My prayer is that God will help others with there dreams. All you have to do is read God’s word and know what his plan is for you. God bless the readers and doers of his word. Who can use the Bible Questionnaire? 1. Students 2. Teachers 3. Church Ministries 4. Families of all ages 5. Prison Ministries When you help a family, that family gives to the church. That church becomes a staple in the community. That community becomes strong. Thank you, Linton Burke President LB Enterprises
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