The Birth of The Bible Questionnaire

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 Bible Questionnaire Book


The reason that I wrote The Bible Questionnaire, my story began like everybody else story goes. When I was going though hard times, lost my house and got kicked out with my family watching. As a head of my household I was embarrassed.  I said to myself that I would never let this happen to my family again. So I prayed to God to give me a ideal that will help me prosper and also help others.  I was sick and tried of getting by with bills every week and always coming up short. I knew there had to be a better way and a better life then I had. My job was not enough, I was tried of working just to pay bills.  I knew if I use my faith and trust in God with all that I have he will do great things. For the word of God says without faith it’s impossible to please him. My passion is to please God at all times.


 I knew reading God’s word will take me on a journey towards a better understanding of the Bible and plan for my life. But I did not want it just for me but for everybody.

The Lord put it in my spirit that ; that I should assist as many as would accept the understanding of God. For be it known, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

Matthew 24:35.

I found it difficult to read the Bible and understand it. As I listened to my Elders, my Sunday school Teachers, my Pastors, my parents speak with such knowledge and wisdom, I wondered if I would ever reach the same understanding and knowledge and  purpose for my life. Would I always need someone there to explain the scriptures to me?

Not anymore, because while I was praying to God for what I needed, he gave me a clear understanding about his word and told me, It’s our duty to be a witness for the Lord and help to spread the good news about His love and mercy.

Some of us don’t even know when we are being blessed.   The answer is every minute of everyday.

 Have Faith and believe in God and you will Succeed!!!

God will provide a ram in the brush for you when you trust in him only. Now by the grace of God I am wining soul to the Kingdom of God.  I am now a minister for Christ along with my wife spreading the word to people who don’t know God. To God be the Glory for the things he has done for me.

About Linton Burke

This book was written in a simple and straightforward terms, Linton’s text will inspire a thirst for knowledge about God and his amazing plan for your life. The Bible Questionnaire has become a great study tool that churches, schools and families use to learn God’s word. If you are someone who is intimidated by reading the bible and not sure where to begin this book is a great start. The author’s prayer My prayer is that God will help others with there dreams. All you have to do is read God’s word and know what his plan is for you. God bless the readers and doers of his word. Who can use the Bible Questionnaire? 1. Students 2. Teachers 3. Church Ministries 4. Families of all ages 5. Prison Ministries When you help a family, that family gives to the church. That church becomes a staple in the community. That community becomes strong. Thank you, Linton Burke President LB Enterprises
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